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Happy Monday coutures! So I’m super excited about this outfit! I’ve been wanting a camouflage jacket since the age of time! I finally got it and I couldn’t wait to dress it up. I love everything about this outfit. Everything!

FYI: My brother is featured in this post lol. I realize he is in the windows reflection but these pictures were too good not to post!


Top: Rainbow

Bottom: Fashion Nova

Jacket: Ali express

Heels: Shoe Land

Purse: Value Village

I hope you guys are inspired!


2 thoughts on “Camouflage

    1. I have never seen anyone make camouflage looks so run way beautiful!!!! Who does that!!!!
      You look awesome and it is not by accident or then you would be consider, “that girl that was accidentally beautiful by nature”
      🙂 Love the look!!! Smooches!

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