Colorful Makeup Tutorial ft Kunna Ne

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Hey coutures! Happy Monday! I have a makeup look for you guys today. It’s very colorful and fun! And in this video I featured my sister Kunna Ne.



I hope you are inspired!!




Kontrol- Maleek Berry

Nuh let go- Maleek Berry

2 thoughts on “Colorful Makeup Tutorial ft Kunna Ne

  1. That was so beautiful. You make it look allot easier than it actually is. I love the eye style and would like to know more about the” cut” at the crease. The colors are beautiful. Love the lip technique, a beginner like me can start using that. It’s fun to watch sisters get along. I love watching the application of all the facial make up and hope to be there one day. How do you figure out your facial colors? This is a great tutorial, can’t wait to see more!!!! Thank you!!!! -you two are allot of fun!!!!!


    1. Thank you Jennifer!! I can do a tutorial about cutting the crease in a later video. As far as figuring out your color, it’s a trial and error kind of thing. First just buy what you think will match your skin color. From there you can decide whether to go darker or lighter. You can always return what doesn’t work for you. You can also research what other women your skin color are using. That helps too


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